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A bustling environment of plants and shapes, filled with details and meandering lines and dots - this is the image that our eye first perceives. In the middle of this organized and energetic chaos, a bunny-headed person slouches nonchalantly smiling weirdly at us.

Basing this work on fashion images, the artist adds elements of comical nature to the mix and use his extraordinary painterly skill to create a world of detail and energy around the character.

This work speaks about perception and context - and how a simple fashion magazine image can become a basis for inspiration in a completely different context and environment - shedding most of its original meaning and developing new contextual purpose with powerful visual impact.

The sea of colors and dots is dominated by a yellow hue that permeates all the corners of the artwork - therefore, this artwork will bring light and positive energy to any home that has a wall large enough to accommodate it. Framing on request.

Pop Bunny

200x154cm / 78.7x60.8 in, print and resin on canvas, 2020 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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