On a bright and vivid green background, the "Blue Horse" is laid back and basks in all its glory and fabulous joyfulness. Bathing in its light blue bathtub, the horse is relaxing as it exudes an attitude of deep tranquility. The Horses series is an open project of the artist Dominic Virtosu: started in the year 2015, the painter has perfected his mastery of the subject into exquisite perfection.

For this work, the thick background is applied in a way that reminds of the works of Gerhard Richter: it is applied with a palette knife and proposes a variation of simultaneous color contrasts that vibrates the entire surface. You can see the thickness of the color - it is almost an invitation to touch the painting.

This colorful artwork makes for a joyous addition to the home of an inspired contemporary collector - with an eye for precious horses. With it's medium size, the work is perfectly fitted for an apartment powder room or a smaller contemporary living room.

Blue Horse

100x80cm / 39.3x31.49 in, oil on canvas, 2023 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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