Beautiful, intriguing, divine, lavish, lucious, luxurious, exhuberant, playful, happy, weird, naughty, untamed and unhinged. This whimsical composition is all this, and more. Featuring Virtosu's favorite motif, the bathing horse in a tub, "Story of my Life" shines a particularly focused light on our main character: the spoiled horse. This Diva is, intrinsically, a symbol of the abundant mindset - belonging to a generation of wishful superstars, the lights of the stage are not strange to her. She enjoys them, in fact, she is actively pursuing them as much as she can.

The old-school chandelier is OUT. In come the stage-lights and the glitz and glam of a generation that's all about ME ME ME.

You'll have a blast owning this painting and I hope you can tell it's story to your friends around the dinner table.

Story of my Life

100x80cm / 39.37x31.49 in, oil on canvas, 2024 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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