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A beautiful blue gradient stands-out from the background of this painting. With a smooth and gentle transition from light blue to ultramarine, one could almost believe that the artist has captured an accurate image of the clear blue sky.

On this serene background, a bold, orange, spikey cactus takes shape. Its presence is almost “in our face” as the chromatic contrast is so powerful and generates an immediate energetic emotional reaction.

Spikes come out of every branch of the cactus and we can see that it’s riddled with tiny points, symbols of its organic development. Though one will not see an orange cactus in the wild, one can only imagine what a surreal sight that would be.

A cactus fitting any contemporary home – this work will brighten the mood and certainly be a conversation starter.

Big Orange on Blue

127.5x100cm / 50.2x39.3 in, oil on canvas, 2021 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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