Dominic Virtosu's Cactus series is a continuous visual surprise and perpetual delight for the eye and the mind. In keeping with his attraction for vivid color and complex shape, the artist once more takes us on a journey of detailed minute creation - every step of the way we hold our breath while his hand delicately weaves patterns of extreme beauty.

"I've started this cactus painting about 6 months ago and then, when it was a quarter of the way through, I left it. It felt like something that needs a lot of time and attention to be well done, so I had just decided to take a break. One day, I came back, just sat down in front of the canvas and started painting. The process is very tedious as I wanted the colors to match each other and create a sense of amazement" said the artist.

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Dot Cactus

100x80cm / 39.3x31.49 in, oil on canvas, 2020Dominic Virtosu Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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