This work is part of the extensive "Spike up your life" series by Dominic Virtosu. A beautiful blue gradient made with Acrylic Spray paint is giving this painting a depth of field and provides an astonishing background for the Satin Cactus.

Made with satin and metallic tinted oil colors, "Satin Beauty" is one of Virtosu's most expressive and spontaneous cactus creations - conveying joy of life and a love for beautiful colors.

"Satin Beauty" is one of those works that look different depending on the lighting angle and time of day - not only due to the special colors used by the artist, but also, in part, thanks to the deep, thick layer of oil color that clearly marks a contrast from foreground to background.

The work comes framed in a black wooden american-box style frame.

Satin Beauty

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