Dominic Virtosu's Cactus series is a continuous visual surprise and perpetual delight for the eye and the mind. In keeping with his attraction for vivid color and complex shape, the artist once more takes us on a journey of detailed minute creation - every step of the way we hold our breath while his hand delicately weaves patterns of extreme beauty.

"For this painting, I've been very interested in creating light and shadow movement around the shape of the cactus. Since I was very young I've always been fascinated with volumetric shapes that create the illusion of depth in painting. The process is very tedious as I wanted the colors to match each other and create a sense of amazement" said the artist.

Warm Soul (Orange on Blue)

100x80cm / 39.3x31.4 in, oil and resin glazing on canvas, 2020, private collection Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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