Blue Depth is a painting for the restless mind. Inviting our eyes to dive deep into the meandering foliage of this dark jungle, Dominic Virtosu lets us experience his own artistic restlessness through a rough, amalgamated process of painting.

In the thick jungle, we can barely distinguish any familiar shapes. It is all chaos, unidentified and hard to measure. There, our feelings are tested and put to real toil. Big leaves swerve upon us, plants rub against our skin as we pass through. This painting is a metaphor for the depth of our subconscious mind, toiling away beneath our conscious surface feelings.

The dark blue tones, applied on top of each-other, create a textured opaque layer of leaves that our eye cannot penetrate. On the surface, only a faint beacon of hope is present - symbolized by the two pink leaves.

Blue Depth

150x130cm / 59.06x51.18 in, oil on canvas, 2021 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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