On a delightfully optimistic orange background - perfectly flat and impeccably painted with acrylic spray - there rises a huge, majestic, King Cactus. A figment of the artists' rich imagination, this experimental fictitious plant stands tall and unapologetic-ally proud.

A closer look at the surface of the canvas quickly reveals the complex process that goes into the creation of such a magnificent piece. There's a clean distinction between the background surface and the thick, layered, pigment filled cactus. This distinction is what makes this work the more exciting as it shows an unparalleled level of commitment to his craft on behalf of the artist.

The glowing white dots on the surface of the King Cactus create a kind of whirlwind that move the entire skin of the plant - a kind of vibrant texture on which the eye can navigate.

A minimalist work "par excellence", King Cactus is definitely going to turn some heads and be the focal piece of the conversation in any contemporary home.

King Cactus

150x130cm / 59.06x51.18 in, oil, spray paint and pigment on canvas, 2022 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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