On a beautiful sunset gradient that gently sweeps from light blue to reddish-purple, an intense presence can be seen. The presence of a male figure, dominating the space. Affirming his body in an impetuous pose. An unsettling sight which also has a powerful element of stability to it.

The figure is naked, with only a necklace hanging loosely around his neck.

There's a material quality to the way in which Virtosu has created this character - thick layers of paint directly out of the tube have charged the canvas surface - the colors are pushing into each-other, competing both for space on the canvas and for our attention. There's a definite vibration to the expression of this male body. The skin surface is unequal and thick and present, the colors cannot be ignored and must be seen as almost a sculpture. This painting transcends the plane of the canvas into the 3rd dimension.

This painting will certainly arouse curiosity and interested discussions in any contemporary home.

Man of Culture

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