To the artist, pineapples are some of the most intriguing fruits out there. With their impressive crown and their massive body, there is certainly a mysterious element to these royally elegant fruits. The artist hopes that this work will convey to you his fascination with this magnificent fruit.

This work is part of the artis's "Vitamin Dreams" series in which he explores different visually creative ways to present the pineapple in a new and colorful manner.

For this particular piece called "Pink Giant", Dominic Virtosu has created a huge, pink pineapple that emerges from a thick, vibrated background. An impressive shimmer of light is bringing the canvas to life - the thick colors of the background layers are contributing to the overall blossoming of this work.

As a symbol of hospitality, prosperity and abundance, the pineapple is certainly going to be a favourite topic of discussion around the dinner table.

The artwork can be shipped framed in a black floating wooden frame.

Pink Giant

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