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This is a concert. A concert like no other. A concert by and for rabbits.
"Go forth, my children, party and multiply, like rabbits" would have been an alternate proposition in this anthropomorphized alternate universe of mayhem and wild music.
We see a crowd of what seem to be thousands of rabbit heads, bathed in a dim contour light at night. On top of them all, a crowdsurfer - is he/she the crown rabbit - the star, chief over all of them? How could we possibly know? The artist does not mention this.
"I've started this work out of a phisical impulse. It was not planned. It was just a few gestures that pushed me towards a few more and then i just couldn't stop till it was finished " said Dominic Virtosu about his painting.
With vibrant colors and deep lighting effects, this big canvas fits into an environment that allows for mistery and complexity.

Rabbit Disco

170x160cm / 66.9x62.9 in, oil and spray paint on canvas, 2013 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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