Suck Better

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Seen from afar, this seems to be a warm, pink painting. Upon closer observation, the seemingly benign image becomes more and more clear: a sea of breasts - painted pink - on which a lost child is floating on a raft. The toddler is anxiously reaching outwards and appears to want to grab the pacifier which escapes him. On the pacifier, we can read the words: "SUCK BETTER".  This painting is questioning the concept of satisfaction and desire: the baby is a symbol of our unconscious mind -- with our constant search of new and better things to consume. Not satisfied with literally a SEA of breasts, we want something else, something more, something synthetic, something out-of-reach. This unsatisfied desire becomes a vectoring and directing force that points toward an aspirational and delusional possible reality. The color scheme used by the artist is also a reminder of the unreal nature of these expectations: a visual quote of the Tom Cruise cult film "Vanilla Sky".