A playful take on the idea of the "Unique". What is unique and what is special in our world today? The artist works with accepted cliches and makes new creative assumptions in order to challenge our received ideas.

In a vintage stable, somewhere in rural France, a bunch of unicorns are gathered together - there's Unikitty, Unihorse, Unigiraffe, Unirhyno...all of them coexisting in this spectacular yet banal fantasy of the artists' mind.

The thick colors emphasize a feeling of peace, while the strong dynamic composition diagonals point toward something more, something outside our field of perception. Is this something we can relate to? Is it something aspirational? Do we all need to feel special? Is "being special" crucial for our social and mental survival?
This figurative work is medium sized and fits well within any well lit interior - the warm colors express a secret sense of optimism and hope for the future.

We are all Unicorns

120x120 cm / 47.24x47.24 in, oil on canvas, 2016 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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